Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Internship In Prague

A little bit about my professional life here in Prague. I work for Insititute of Chemical of Tecnhnology Prague which is the biggest educational institution of its kind in Central Europe. It combines progressive fields of study and a good international repute, allowing every student to get in touch with advanced technologies and make use of foreign student exchanges.

I work under the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology within the Department of Fermentation Chemistry and Bioengineering in the subprogram of Biotechnology. Biotechnology embraces scientific, research and application processes based on the use of a combined knowledge of biological, engineering and economic disciplines in all areas of science, research and practice, and of technological realization based on specific qualities of plant, animal and microbial cells.

My current project is developing a rapid and inexpensive method to identify and discriminate various bacteria in a water treatment system. Below is one of my first PCR-amplified rDNA fingerprints using Gel Electrophoresis. I am quite excited to learn some various molecular biology laboratory techniques as I may need to use them for my senior design project in a few months.


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